Rainbow Vaccums For Sale

Rainbow Vaccums For Sale

If you’re looking for a new vacuum, consider one of the many Rainbow vaccums for sale. These vacuums are a great choice if you want a good vacuum that will clean well and save you money. These vacuums are great for homes, offices, and any other place you need a clean vacuum. You can find them for sale at a variety of online stores and retail stores. You can also get them as a gift for someone.


Rexair, LLC, is a company that manufactures vacuum cleaners and home cleaning systems. The company was founded by John W. Newcombe in 1929, and has since produced many different models of vacuum cleaners and other home cleaning products. The company has also developed water filtration systems. In 1955, it introduced its Rainbow series of vacuum cleaners, which quickly became the company’s flagship product. Rexair has produced ten different models of Rainbow vacuum cleaners during its 80-year history.

The Rainbow E2 vacuum cleaner is Rexair’s best-selling vacuum series. It features easy-to-use controls, a wide range of attachments, and excellent suction power. This vacuum can be used for a variety of tasks, including cleaning bare floors, hard floors, and even upholstery. It also features a HEPA filtration system for maximum efficiency. If you’re looking for the best vacuum for your needs, this is the model for you.

Rexair’s marketing techniques have helped the company gain a strong reputation throughout the home cleaning industry. Distributors are trained to sell the company’s products. The company also offers sales promotional tools to help its distributors succeed. For example, it offers gifts to distributors who refer new customers to Rexair. It also provides training for distributors through training seminars and corporate distributor developers. The company’s CEO, Paul Vidovich, travels the world to help distributors learn the most effective marketing techniques.

The E4 Black Edition Rainbow Vacuum is heavy and may seem difficult to transport, but the vacuum has caster wheels to help make it portable. It also comes with a bundle of attachments and accessories. The accessories include a Floor & Wall Brush, Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool, and Confined Space Cleaner and Inflator Tool. In addition, it comes with an attachment caddy and an aerofresh bag.

The Rainbow Vacuum has a strong suction which makes it a great choice for cleaning plush carpeted surfaces. Its water filtration system also prevents it from losing suction. This vacuum is also low maintenance and can last for thirty to forty years with regular care.

Rexair’s SRX

Rexair’s SRX rainbow water-based filtration vacuum cleaner has two safety recalls and is recalled twice. The recalled model has a serial number ranging from 22003399 to 22077889. The vacuum is predominantly black and features an SRX logo on the front panels and clear water basin at the base. The SRX vacuum was sold from June 2019 through June 2020 for about $3,200.

With its innovative cleaning technology, the Rainbow SRX is the world’s most advanced home and air cleaning system. It can clean a wide range of surfaces and air quality, creating a cleaner and healthier environment. Rexair is committed to consistent product quality and customer service. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and expanding international sales network, together with a dedicated leadership team, positions the company for continued success.

Rexair has developed a marketing and sales training program for its independent distributors. In addition to providing training on their product, they encourage distributors to use referral-based marketing techniques. For example, they offer prospects a gift if they refer a friend or family member to a Rexair representative.

Rexair’s SRX rainbow water-based vacuum uses a water-based filtration system instead of a vacuum bag to trap dirt. The filtration system is eco-friendly and can also be customized with exclusive fragrances. Rainbow vacuums feature a powerful motor-driven brush to deep clean carpets and other hard surfaces, and the Rainbow Power Nozzle removes pet hair and crumbs.

Rexair’s D4

The D4 rainbow vacuum cleaner is a multi-functional device designed to keep the indoor environment healthy. It was introduced in June 1982. It is the first model to use an all-plastic outer shell. It features the same motor as its predecessors, but uses a different rust-resistant material. The new D4 features a hex pocket on the bottom of the motor that can hold it while removing the separator nut.

The D4 is the first wet-powder-approved canister vacuum, and Rexair’s D4 rainbow vacuum became one of the first bagless canister vacuums on the market. In addition to being a hybrid vacuum cleaner, the current models are designed to clean carpets and bare floors. Rexair’s D4 rainbow vacuum is available in multiple models and comes with various attachments.

Rexair is one of the largest manufacturers of home cleaning systems. The company has its headquarters in Troy, Michigan and manufactures its machines in Cadillac, Michigan. Rexair’s D4 rainbow vaccum is sold in many major stores across the US and in more than 30 countries around the world.

Among the new features, the D4 rainbow vacuum cleaner features an LED light and a pivot arm. These innovations help users identify dirt and debris. The model also features collapsible cord wrap arms and a PN-12 Black power nozzle. There are two versions of the PN-12 – the first is designed for a sink faucet while the second uses a tank under the Rainbow.

Rexair’s E2

Rexair’s E2 Rainbow Vaccum is a versatile and powerful vacuum cleaner. Its 12-amp, 1.5-horsepower motor creates powerful airflow and reduces power consumption. This vacuum is durable and has an 8-year warranty. The rainbow vacuum also comes with a deodorizing system.

The E2 Rainbow vacuum comes with a variety of attachments to clean your carpet, hardwood floors, and more. The wand is easy to change and has a 360-degree swivel for maximum convenience. It also comes with rubber bumpers to protect furniture from damage.

The new E2 has several improvements over its predecessors. Rexair improved the pumps and the water pick-up hose. The E2 Rainbow vacuum has the same size as its predecessor, but its receptacle for the electric hose has been improved. The new model’s filter cover no longer has a circuit breaker.

The E2 Rainbow Vacuum is the most powerful vacuum in the Rexair E series. The E2 features excellent filtration, a longer lifespan, and versatile attachments. It has a reputation as an exceptional vacuum cleaner in many households across the US. But be aware of its drawbacks. The E2 Rainbow has a bagless canister system, which eliminates the need for a separate bag for each bag. It also offers several attachments, including a carpet brush and a lint roller. The E2 Rainbow features a trigger located on the pump handle to control the suction of the powerhead. This is a safe feature for homeowners.