Quantum X Vacuum a Multi-Foot Vacuum

Quantum X Vacuum

The Quantum X vacuum is a powerful, multi-floor vacuum designed for homes with all types of flooring. Its telescoping body automatically adjusts to different floor heights. It has an extra 18 inches of reach under narrow spaces and below furniture, and three attachments that let you tackle all kinds of messes.


The Filterless Quantum X vacuum features micro-silver technology instead of traditional paper and foam filters. This means you won’t lose suction or end up with a cloud of dust when you empty the waste bin. Plus, the water tank is filled with fragrance that helps fight off germs. This is a must-have for anyone who is concerned about the cleanliness of their home, especially if they have children or elderly relatives.

This vacuum is also 100% customer-satisfaction guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied, simply return it for a refund within 30 days. Its powerful dual motors are able to pick up dust and debris from both floors and carpets, providing excellent dust pick-up performance. Plus, the battery lasts for a long time and there are 6 LED corner lights to illuminate any dark corners. The Quantum X is one of the best vacuums on the market.

The Quantum X vacuum also has an impressive reach, with an 18-inch wand and a ten-foot hose. This allows you to reach tight spots and clean any part of your house. It is also a great option for allergy sufferers because it has a water purification system.

This vacuum features Micro-Silver technology, which allows it to capture dirt, pet hair, and dander. Its high-efficiency filter also prevents dust from escaping. This vacuum is designed to work in homes with pets. This means you won’t have to bend over while vacuuming and it also improves maneuverability.


The Shark Quantum X vacuum is versatile in a variety of ways. Its telescoping head helps reach hard-to-reach places. It can also clean up pet accidents and wet spills. It does not need any filters. You only need to add water each time you use it. Even better, you can add fragrances to the water. The water tank is removable and has an indicator that shows how much water is left.

The Quantum X vacuum is also effective at handling wet and dry spills. The constant suction power makes it ideal for all types of floors. Its filter is made from Micro-Silver Technology, which neutralizes dust and pet hair instantly. It can protect people with allergies and asthma from the dust and allergens that are often found in homes.

The Quantum X vacuum also has a water basin. This feature makes it easy to clean up the smallest spaces and reaches under furniture. Its water basin can hold up to 32 oz. This is more than enough to handle a typical home’s dirt. Additionally, you do not have to buy or use vacuum bags.

The Quantum X vacuum has an 18-inch telescoping wand, which makes it easy to reach places that are hard to reach with a traditional vacuum. It is also capable of rotating 180 degrees, which helps it reach tight spaces. It also has a ten-foot hose for wet and dry pickup. It can also use various attachments for the hose, so you can use it for different types of cleaning tasks.

The Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum eliminates the need for filters, which are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. It is the first filterless upright water vacuum cleaner. It catches dust and debris without filters and does not need HEPA filters. It can even mop floors.


The Bulletproof Quantum X vacuum is one of the most innovative vacuum cleaners on the market. This powerful device has no filters and can pick up both wet and dry messes. It does not let air out during operation and is also available in a variety of popular colors. It can also pick up larger debris than other vacuums.

Its body is made of bulletproof material and the wand is 18 inches long. It’s also adjustable and can clean areas with 4″ clearance. It’s a versatile machine that will clean every part of the house, including the underside of couches and chairs. It also comes with a ten-foot extending hose. This vacuum comes with various attachments to pick up different types of dirt.

The Quantum X vacuum also has a water filtration system that captures dirt, hair, and germs. That means you don’t have to replace filters or clean your vacuum regularly. You can use the Quantum X to pick up crumbs, pet hair, and wet spills without worry. It can also be used to clean stairs.

Works on ALL floor types

The Quantum X vacuum works on ALL floor surfaces including carpet, tile, wood, and laminate floors. It has a ten foot hose and 18-inch telescoping head that can clean under most furniture and reaches the lowest areas. Its telescopic cleaning head and three attachments are included with the vacuum.

The Quantum X is equipped with MicroSilver technology that allows it to clean any surface, including wet and dry messes. The patented technology captures pet dander and hair, and it neutralizes it to prevent allergic reactions for you and your family. It also comes with three attachments: a crevice tool, a brushroll, and a crevice tool.

The Quantum X is also ideal for daily cleaning. It works on carpet and hard floors and performed well on a mid-pile rug. It does need a couple of passes to clean deep-seated dirt. You can also use the arm attachment to vacuum underneath furniture.

When choosing a Quantum X vacuum, the first thing to consider is the quality. You want a durable product that lasts for years. You may find cheaper models, but they do not use the best materials. The high-quality ones should be sturdy and comfortable to use. You should also be sure that your vacuum is covered by a warranty, which should cover any defects.

The Quantum X vacuum is easy to use and has a comfortable ergonomic grip. It is easy to assemble and features an on/off switch on the handle. It is designed for use in homes and offices. You can even clean stairs with it.


The Quantum X is an all-in-one vacuum that inflates and deflates, collects dirt and debris, and suctions. It also doubles as a leaf blower. This versatile machine cleans all types of floors and reaches every part of your home, including the ceiling. What’s more, the Quantum X has water purification capabilities.

The Quantum X has a ten-foot hose and an 18-inch telescoping head. This means it can get under most couches and chairs. It also comes with a telescopic wand and various attachments to clean a variety of surfaces. With a 10-foot hose, this vacuum can easily reach a lot of areas and gets down as low as four inches to get to hidden corners.

Another feature that sets this vacuum apart from the rest is the Micro-Silver filtration system. This eliminates the need for paper or foam filters, which clog up with dirt and dander. It also traps allergens, removing them from the air. This means that it doesn’t have to be emptied as often as other vacuums. The Quantum X vacuum comes with an adjustable body and a patented vacuum head that claims to remove pet and liquid stains. It can reach up to 18 inches, and it can pick up dry and wet particles. Some users of the Quantum X vacuum have found that the suction power is not strong enough. The vacuum has a 30-day warranty, and a five-year guarantee.